10 Places Which Really Should Have A Strip Club

There are over three hundred and fifty clubs in the UK and Ireland. Too many for some, not enough for others. UK Strip Clubs, we would have one on every street, especially ones with neighbourhood watch schemes, womans institutes and one on either side of any every cash machine in the UK. Too many isnt […]

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Why Do Some Places Have More Clubs Than Others?

Looking at the listings on UK Strip Clubs its obvious that its not what you want its where you live in terms of what strip and lap dancing entertainment you have on hand locally. Your local city centre might have loads of clubs (London over 50, Birmingham 13 and Edinburgh six) or it might have […]

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Help Us To Improve UK Strip Clubs

While we are busy updating all listings at UK Strip Clubs and working to give the website a whole new look and many new functions we would appreciate if you keep sending us details of new clubs, closed venues and any input you have which could improve our strip and lap dancing listings. You dont […]

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Add A Rating To Your Favourite Clubs Listings

So you’ve had a great night out. Caught up with your mates, had a few choice drinks and sampled some amazing strip entertainment whether on stage or in a booth. For some people that might be it (until next time) but with the dedicated strip fan, and user of UK Strip Clubs, you need to […]

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A New Look Coming For UK Strip Clubs

UK Strip Clubs started over eleven years ago to allow us (and people like us!) to find strip clubs and lap dancing clubs around the country where and whenever they went. Apart from a few bugs which were soon resolved, and the chat forum which we discontinued, its remained the same throughout. You can improve […]

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