Ways You Can Get Involved With UK Strip Clubs

We have a new look, you will have definitely noticed. We love it! But we still need our users (thats you!) to know all the ways you get involved with the website. Chatting, spreading the word or just keep us amused. We love hearing from you 24/7 so below is a rundown of all the […]

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Strip Club Meets Fight Club

Think of your average strip venue and you think of a few drinks in a VIP environment. Usually after a hard days work. The pressure is off and its time to kick back. You certainly dont think that world war three is going to break out or a scene from the movie Fight club! Thats […]

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Check It Out: Enjoy The New UK Strip Clubs

It probably has not escaped you attention that our complete new look and general update is here! Check it out. The old one was cool, it did us proud for almost eleven year and so its definitely time for something different. Its added so much in terms of features, its not just about the way […]

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Festive Season: Best Night Of The Year?

Oh well. Its ‘post Trump’. We just need to get used to it. Dr Strangelove and Austin Powers rolled into one! Brexit doesn’t seem so silly now. Its also time to plan for the festive season! UK Strip Clubs really cant emphasise enough how much we recommend putting some planning into your night out. This […]

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On The Election Trail: Trumps Team Visit Strip Club

This is the week for the US to decide. Its D Day for Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. All that good work on the election trail, preparing their candidates for big TV debates and pressing the flesh (no pun intended Donald!). And what have Trumps team been doing? They’ve taken a few of their […]

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Online Vs Offline For Strip Club Promotion

Even if your strip club or strip pub is doing well it pays to keep raising its profile. Keep on reminding locals, regulars and passing trade that you are the only show in town. These days you have more options than ever to use your advertising budget. Promo girls on the streets, liveried cabs, sign […]

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