What kind of a Strip Punter Are you?

Are you Sunday afternoon pound in the pot strip lover? Or a fatcat Fridays blowout merchant? Does your local have chair with your name on it at the bar just for you, or are you a wallflower newbie staring into your pint? Is Saturday alright or are you all dressed up and nowhere to go […]

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Plan Your Fun Ladies Night With Us

Like the Kool And The Gang classic, a good ladies night doesnt come along every week! Getting the girls together, finding something to wear and finding a local club with a strip night on it can seem like its easier said than done. Lucky then that UK Strip Clubs have listed every venue in the […]

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Get VIP Treatment For Your Strip Club

Strip clubs come and strip clubs go, but what makes the difference when it comes to longevity in the industry in the 21st century? A fancy Shoreditch address, celebrity clients, regular press inches, a cool name. While all these could help its about getting people in through the door. Your clientèle are your celebs and […]

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Heard The One About The Stripper And The Taxman?

Another week another news story, this time from the Beeb. With the changes in legislation, and I know I always go about them, the press can and will genuinely compare the industry with the ‘sextrade’. Was this intentional from the powers who be? Gets you thinking though! They could have banned it. 100% ban country […]

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Boom And Bust For The City!

Its long been on the major indicators of how the economy is doing. No not fat cat bankers blowing their bonuses on champers and epic bar bills! You know that when the press go looking to see what Peter Stringfellow thinks about it cant be that bad. And with over a £1 trillion of deals […]

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Casper The Lap Dancing Ghost at Perfect 10’s!

No, its not the Disney film which didnt make the cut! Its just about the best bit of free self promotion going! Maybe it was a slow week at Perfect 10s club of Preston so they came up with the best column grabbing story of all time. Alright its only the Star but the Most […]

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