Get Your Strip Promotions and Discounts Noticed!

Come on club owners, managers and promotions chiefs! Get your latest (or upcoming) strip promotions, discounts or giveaway the best chance of being noticed by punters! Email us at our Contact Form to push it to all of our members, users and followers! Strip punters love a deal, anything from free drinks, free dances, free […]

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Comparing the nineties to today

Were things different back in the long gone hazy days of the 90’s? It was 20 years ago so some things must be have changed. UK Strip Clubs compares the good and bad from back then. 1990’s: Lap dancing clubs popping up all over the UK. Today: extra sex establishment regulation and clubs denied licenses […]

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Search For Strip Clubs Here

If variety is the spice of life, then a night out should be as different as you can make it! You wouldnt go into a club and just have dances from one lady all night, so why would you stick with the one club you know every time you go out? There are over three […]

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The Gentlemans Shop: Look Your Best In The Club

Its showtime! You’ve been looking forward to it for weeks and its take all sorts of hassle to get the boys organised. Your night out at the strip club is on! Green light! Thats when you need to think about the night and the way its going to go. Apart from having the money there […]

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Your Doorman Is The Start To Your Night

He’s on the front line, PR and security rolled into one giant bulky package. He could be the first, and last, thing a punter sees of a club. Your names not down you’re not getting in! But give him a break! He is the one stopping people getting in that might stop you having fun. […]

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