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Police Raid Scottish Lap Dancing Clubs

The Scottish police force have found time in their busy schedule from re-branding themselves and complaining about Tory cuts to raid some of Scotlands leading lap dancing clubs including Baby Dolls in Edinburgh, Diamond Dolls in Glasgow and in Aberdeen Private Eyes, Number Seven Club and Silhouettes looking for signs of money laundering, human trafficking […]

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Kendra For Strip Tour Of UK?

Im a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Playboy babe Kendra Wilkinson is planning to reward her jungle fans by a sexy tour of the UK making personal appearances at top class strip clubs around the country. Which is fine, getting a lap dance from a famous person is good. But what would she have […]

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Has Lego Strip Club Gone too far?

Ever think that kids grow up too fast these days? With their mobiles, tablets and bank accounts. Have you seen Lego Strip Club? Well they’ve had a Lego movie why not a strip club? Taco Tuesday could be Lap Dancing Friday! Features lovely tasteful decor, DJ, shaggy moustached owner and of course pole and 2x […]

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Get Your UK Strip Clubs Listing Up to Date

Its that time again! Any club worth its salt will already know that they make a good chunk of their years earnings in the months around Christmas, thats why its time to make your UK Strip Clubs listing up to date. Contact us to make this a profitable festive season for your venue. Just go […]

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Kind Of Like You Thought: Spearmint Rhino Advert

Seen the Spearmint Rhino advert? Probably not if you live in the UK. Its kind of like what you would expect, like lapland at Christmas packed with Santa, Mrs Claus and a gang of (sexy) elves. Only is Spearmint so its ladies in the altogether! From the board room down to the mail room its […]

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