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Never Get Lost On The Way To A Club Again

The whole of the industry in the UK knows that UK Strip Clubs is ahead of its time. It was the first complete directory of clubs back in 2005 and you could search online, it and it was also smartphone friendly so you never get lost wherever you go where you can get a phone […]

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Perfect For Business Schmoozing?

It might not be ideal for old Mrs Peters in accounts but a trip to a (well chosen) strip club at the end of the night for some business bonding and boozy schmoozing could be just the job for cementing new some corporate or talking over new deals in the pipeline. Pick your club well […]

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Know About Any Irregular Strip Nights

As you can see the UK Strip Clubs admin team have been super busy updated, trimming and generally improving our clubs listings! Our service is leaner and meaner than ever but as ever we need you assistance in getting it right! If you know of a venue which has irregular strip nights (once a month […]

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10 Places Which Really Need Strip Club

There are over two hundred and fifty clubs in the UK and Ireland. Too many for some, not enough for others. UK Strip Clubs, we would have one on every street, especially ones with neighbourhood watch schemes, womans institutes and one on either side of any every cash machine in the UK. Too many isnt […]

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Strip Club Budget For My Trip

If you are wanting a rough strip club budget for your big night out, or you’re a newbie and you’re going for the first time (where you been?) its kind of handy to know what to expect in terms of money. Apart from ‘lots’ or ‘how longs a piece of string’ the answer is probably […]

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