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Who Opposes New Clubs Opening?

When you are starting a new company the first 12 months are the most important. Not if you’re a strip club they arent. A decision made by someone who has never stepped inside your premises (or any of these types of venue) will make a decision based on the amount of pressure which he/she is […]

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Two Strip Stories That Tickled Us This Week

Its like buses. You wait ages for one and two come along at once. And you don’t have the right change so you cant get on either of them… Story one: The self appointed (but whose arguing?) heaviest pole dancer in the world at 18 stone has done an interview with the Metro saying shes […]

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NME: 30 Days Free Online Access

NME is the music publication that likes to build them and knock them down. Who can think of the glory days of Britpop when Oasis and Blur ruled the musical roost without wondering who gave them their first foot up the ladder? The same goes for the other essential bands that have unleashed on us […]

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Planning an Ireland Strip Club Getaway or Stag?

Remember that the main website also lists clubs from Ireland. None from the North as they have blanket banned them but loads to choose from in the South! An amazing Ireland Strip Club holiday could be just what you need with dozens of quality clubs, great nightlife and laidback lifestyle that loves the craic! Best […]

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Its Monday Morning But Not The End Of The world.

So, its raining this morning (Monday) and all that’s left of our so called British Summer is sweat marks under your oxters from running to meet the train/bus and extra calls and extra work you have to take care of for your work mates off to the holiday (of a lifetime). Those are some snaps […]

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