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Heard The One About The Stripper And The Taxman?

Another week another news story, this time from the Beeb. With the changes in legislation, and I know I always go about them, the press can and will genuinely compare the industry with the ‘sextrade’. Was this intentional from the powers who be? Gets you thinking though! They could have banned it. 100% ban country […]

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Boom And Bust For The City!

Its long been on the major indicators of how the economy is doing. No not fat cat bankers blowing their bonuses on champers and epic bar bills! You know that when the press go looking to see what Peter Stringfellow thinks about it cant be that bad. And with over a £1 trillion of deals […]

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Casper The Lap Dancing Ghost at Perfect 10′s!

No, its not the Disney film which didnt make the cut! Its just about the best bit of free self promotion going! Maybe it was a slow week at Perfect 10s club of Preston so they came up with the best column grabbing story of all time. Alright its only the Star but the Most […]

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Be The Man With The Plan This Time Round

What club shall we go to tonight? Whats your favourite club? Where is that club again? Do you know another club we can go to? If your mates ever ask you about strip clubs, lap dancing clubs, pole dancing or table dancing venues then you want to be the one who has the answers! UK […]

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The Fall And Rise Of Lap Dancing In The Media

Given the lap dancing and strip industry has taken a hit or two in the last few years with the licensing changes, credit crunch, slide into recession and local council crackdowns. But are we still surprised that the industry is still here and (dare I say it) doing rather well? It was just two years […]

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Who Opposes New Clubs Opening?

When you are starting a new company the first 12 months are the most important. Not if you’re a strip club they arent. A decision made by someone who has never stepped inside your premises (or any of these types of venue) will make a decision based on the amount of pressure which he/she is […]

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