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Get Your UK Strip Clubs Listing Up to Date

Its that time again! Any club worth its salt will already know that they make a good chunk of their years earnings in the months around Christmas, thats why its time to make your UK Strip Clubs listing up to date. Contact us to make this a profitable festive season for your venue. Just go […]

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Kind Of Like You Thought: Spearmint Rhino Advert

Seen the Spearmint Rhino advert? Probably not if you live in the UK. Its kind of like what you would expect, like lapland at Christmas packed with Santa, Mrs Claus and a gang of (sexy) elves. Only is Spearmint so its ladies in the altogether! From the board room down to the mail room its […]

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Lap Dancing Coming To A Stop Near You

No its not Boris’s parting shot or some sort of dream. You know London tube ticket prices are getting too high when they set up a lap dancing club inside a carriage! Some entrepreneurial pranksters have taken lap dancing to the Piccadilly line with an on board lap dancing club including bouncer and hawker! Who […]

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Theres Never a Bad Time To Get In The Loop

Information is what its all about. And information on the move, when you need it most, is priceless! What time could be more important, the short time you get off the lead at the weekend when you’ve got all your mates there! We’ve all been there, a big night out and you are struggling to […]

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Try Something New Today At Sainsburys

Im off down to Sainsburys. Its not lunch yet but there may be a lesbian protest snogathon and I dont want to miss it! You cant have missed this story: lesbians kiss in their local story and are asked to leave. Next theres a flash mob of students snogging up a storm. With major press […]

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What kind of a Strip Punter Are you?

Are you Sunday afternoon pound in the pot strip lover? Or a fatcat Fridays blowout merchant? Does your local have chair with your name on it at the bar just for you, or are you a wallflower newbie staring into your pint? Is Saturday alright or are you all dressed up and nowhere to go […]

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