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Your Doorman Is The Start To Your Night

He’s on the front line, PR and security rolled into one giant bulky package. He could be the first, and last, thing a punter sees of a club. Your names not down you’re not getting in! But give him a break! He is the one stopping people getting in that might stop you having fun. […]

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Are Councils Lacking Common Sense?

Spearmint Rhino in Bournemouth has had its license renewed for another six months, but only provisionally after a complaint that a Mr A spent £6k in one evening on his credit card back in 2011. As always, the credit card is handy for the weekly groceries and buying stuff online, but not for using in […]

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Should The Public Get A Say In Club Licensing?

If the general public (and random busybodies) deserve a say on where and if strip venues should get a licence what else could they get a say on? I mean its not just the strip and lap dancing industry that they have in their sights. Regular pubs and night clubs. Football grounds and other sport […]

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Make Use Of The Biggest Lap Dancing Site Around

Plan your festive night out with UK Strip Clubs! An action packed lads night out could be just what you are after over the next few weeks and where better to plan it to perfection than the UK’s leading strip, lap dancing, pole dancing and table dancing directory website. Theres loads of ways you could […]

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Police Raid Scottish Lap Dancing Clubs

The Scottish police force have found time in their busy schedule from re-branding themselves and complaining about Tory cuts to raid some of Scotlands leading lap dancing clubs including Baby Dolls in Edinburgh, Diamond Dolls in Glasgow and in Aberdeen Private Eyes, Number Seven Club and Silhouettes looking for signs of money laundering, human trafficking […]

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