Have A Lappy Time Everyone!

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Well its here, sorry gone! What was all the fuss about? Anyway you get some statutory days off and its OK to let yourself go a bit! Time for a trip to your local club then. Have a lappy time this festive season!

Thankfully the choice out there is just as wide as ever before, depending on where you live there is still a choice of types venue and the total number is just the same (around 300 in the UK!). Make no doubt about it club numbers and the industry could change in the year to come with certain councils making big noises about getting a blanket ban, or making venues jump through extra hoops. So time will tell, but it looks like the industry in general is pretty fireproof even if smaller clubs (and even some big chains) go down. If the boom time of the mid 00’s is gone this is the time to show the doubters.

So make sure you have a lappy time and hopefully you will venture out to a club or two over New Year and keep the whole industry ticking over. UK Strip Clubs is the only office friendly/family PC friendly venue listings website in the UK! Its free to use!

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