If Its Good Enough For Stephen Hawking

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Its only another 6 weeks to April fools day, so its not that then although I did have to check! Stephen Hawking the worlds top Physicist and author of Brief History of Time has been revealed as a strip club aficionado who likes nothing better than a lap dance in the surroundings of an exclusive Californian club. Who would have thought it?

If Stephen Hawking can make it out to patronise his local venue then why cant more of us?

Maybe Professor Hawking could explain why dances always seem to be shorter than they should do and why theres a black hole in my finances after a visit? Dont know if I quite believe this one. In the week the press got banged to rights for tapping phones, and ended up with paying our millions to various celebs this one has crept under the radar. Remember Freddie Starr?

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