Lap Dancing Is Dying In The UK?

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You can rely on the BBC for a one sided way of looking at the industry. In their latest article called ‘The rise and fall of lap dancing’ its clear not much has changed, I mean they are even saying that its only a matter of time until clubs are wiped out around the country, can they really say lap dancing is dying up and down the country because of the new legislation introduced in 2009? As if that ever changed anything apart from putting money in lawyers and local councillors pockets. They ask the question How has lap dancing changed the country?

They go onto say that the type of entertainment in most clubs was ‘usually seen in back alleys’, not that lap dancing took the average strip club out of the back alley, made in regulated, added security and brought in money for thousands of dancers. They bring up the usually hobby horse that 25% of dancers were students, so they would rather these women couldnt afford it? You can write your own answer there. They go on to mention the doubling in club numbers to 300 between 2004 and 2008, which is categorically not true. Club numbers have risen over that period but not nearly by that number. People who dont know about the industry really want to believe that lap dancing is dying.

They could have gone further, finding figures on anything from drugs, crime etc and say since lap dancing was introduced these things have risen. You see where I am going with this, anything negative which has happened was obviously cause and effect due to lap dancing!

The rise and fall or lap dancing BBC Article here.

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  1. Tyke 16 February 2012 at 9:57 am #

    I saw the article and as usual it was pretty innacurate. The big increase in lap dancing clubs came from 2002 to 2005 before the 2003 act actually came into force as people thought dealing with the courts was preferable to dealing with councillors. It does not fit in with the “numbers doubled through a loophole in the law” argument that you get from Object but it’s the truth. Since the recession hit in 2008 I suspect numbers have fallen just for commercial reasons and nothing to do with the new act. Places that have adopted “nil” policies had “nil” clubs before, the only place that has tried a blanket ban was Hackney where the public consultation went overwhelmingly in favour of keeping the strip pubs.

    Despite what the article says the 2009 act has {as far as I know} only closed 1 club directly so far the Piano Lounge in Twickenham and that had been under threat for several years. In the last couple on months new clubs have got licenses in places like Stourbridge, Rochester, and Guildford so this idea that they will gradually disapear is rubbish.

    If you go back to the late70s/early 80s there were probably 100 pubs that had strippers on regularly in London plus 20 or 30 clubs in Soho, there were also strip pub circuits in places like Manchester, Liverpool, and Torquay and in the North East litteraly dozens of working men’s clubs featured strippers regularly. My guess is that there were at least as many venues featuring strippers in 1980 as there are lap dance clubs now so all this talk of “an unprecidented boom” is rubbish as well !

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