Strip Club Etiquette and Your Rights

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Reading all your lovely comments on clubs its clear that there are a few things getting on your nerves about clubs in general. Its time for some basic strip club etiquette for you and people that work in clubs:

Pushy dancers – Just say no you are allowed to have quiet drink and watch the show, or wait for a specific dancer. Be polite though, these people are working after all.

Pricey drinks – Clubs vary so find out before you order a huge round of drinks, stick to the cheapest beverage like beer or wine.

Short dances – Dances last for one song unless specified, if you are unhappy with dances or their duration then dont buy any more at that club. Dancers will be told to be strict about taking up their time on one client, dont be offended.

Too few dancers – Spending £5 on a pint of lager to watch other people have fun can be a bit frustrating, but at peak times most venues will be at maximum capacity. Get in their early or book ahead for special treatment.

Anything I’ve left out our run down on strip club etiquette? Please contact me with any corrections or other questions you have Please Contact Us

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