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Remember its up to you to keep your venue listing up to date, here at UK Strip Clubs we rely on you guys to update us when venues open, close or change their details. Whether you are an owner, dancer, web designer, barkeeper or just a punter we love to hear from you! Just use our contact form, letting us know what changes we should make making it clear what club you are talking about.

With around 350 strip venues in the UK and Ireland its a full time job to keep it all accurate and complete. Get involved! UK Strip Clubs is the only full list of venues in the UK with the definitive list that has been gathered over 7 years of contacting (and visiting) clubs around the country!

UK Strip Clubs is free to use, just click on the country you want and go down to city and individual club level to get address, contact details and pricing.

Get involved with the countrys leading strip venues and lap dancing website UK Strip Clubs

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