UK Strip Clubs

UK Strip Clubs

For a night out that’s out of this world you need to plan it right! A lad’s night, stag, hen or just a few hours of fun with your partner you need to get it right! UK Strip Clubs is the first and only full directory of venues licensed for adult entertainment with listings, ratings, maps and contact details for over three hundred amazing clubs around the UK and Ireland. This is the place to find clubs in your city, or another city miles away if you and the lads are planning a bit of a road trip!

There are clubs to suit just about everyone, from first timers to club aficionados, from couples to lads on the loose. Stylish chain mega clubs to sawdust on the floor strip pubs! You can find the perfect venue for your night out, contact them for VIP treatment and discounts and even get directions and free transport to the venue!

Planning ahead is what it’s all about for a big night. Leaving the details to chance and just heading out with your best shirt on and some money in your pocket isn’t an option for the best night of your life! Do your planning using UK Strip Clubs, plus you can check it on your mobile on the hoof for last minute changes of plan. There are contact details for each venue including email and phone number as well as full address and directions where required.

Club Promotions

If you plan to invest £10 to £20 on entry to a club you want to make sure that it’s right for you and your party, it could make the difference between VIP and an early night! Clubs usually have all kinds of promotions for you take advantage of, many not readily available on the door. Fancy a free lap dance, drink or some wild stage action for one of your party? The benefits of contacting clubs beforehand speak for themselves. Jumping queues, personal waitress service, VIP seating set aside and some guaranteed attention from the dancers and performers at the club even if the place is packed.

You wouldn’t go away on your summer holiday without booking a hotel and flights not to mention seeing what sights and nightlife are available at your destination, a strip club night out is premium entertainment so why leave anything to chance? Clubs open and shut all the time so you can’t rely on the venue you’ve been to before being there same as always. There’s few worse things than being in a cab with the boys and turning up at a club and it not being open or turned into a coffee shop. All dressed up and no place to go! Take a few seconds to check out which clubs are open, their opening hours and finalise your plan for the night. It’s free to search clubs and contact them. If you plan to spend big it’s not something you can take a chance on.

Want to find out about new clubs opening near you? Want to stay in the loop about the industry in general? Strip fans can check out clubs opening before the herd and get special deals.Neon Strip Club Sign

Lap Dancing Clubs

Lap dancers and strip performers can find contact details for clubs about work, it’s a great place to see what clubs are open, see customer ratings and see which cities and regions are hot for venues. Full contact details for clubs available so you can arrange an interview or trial. There’s over 250 clubs and most of them are constantly looking to add to their rosters.

We have the main website as well as social media stuff like our weekly blog and Twitter of course. Join us and keep updated on everything to do with the industry including news, views, site stuff, new clubs and offers from clubs.

The site is ‘office friendly’ with no images of nudity or adult material. All the venues are fully licensed. Well suited to an office night out or family get together.

It was started over eleven years ago by dedicated strip regulars in Glasgow, Scotland as a way to know where to go when they were away from home. Getting VIP treatment and avoiding the crowd. UK Strip Clubs grew into a full list of every club and we thought we would share it with you! Punter, dancer, industry insider or anyone with an interest can find all the info they need in one place, updated weekly from our contacts in the industry and individual clubs.Plan the best night of your life (until next time) for less than the average punter with special treatment no matter how large your party is or what they are looking for.UK Strip Clubs

Single ladies, couples and hen nights aren’t left out either! The site also lists venues with male performers for females and males and female friendly clubs.

Find out about clubs in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland (North and the Republic) for free! UK Strip Clubs isn’t just a directory of venues it’s a hub for everything to do with the industry championing it against those in central and local government who want to shut down clubs. Get involved!

Planning your night out just got a whole lot easier, you can search clubs, contact then and generally ensure that your evening goes perfectly even if there are changes of plan.

See the best that London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and cities up and down the country have to offer at UK Strip Clubs!

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