Plan Now For The Best New Year Strip Club Visit

Got all your prezzy buying under control? Your end of year works night out booked for December? Started to stock up on food and drinks for your time off? Now its time to put some planning in for your once a year strip club blowout. Celebrate another year starting with some fun when you catch […]

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UK Strip Clubs: The Free Strip Directory

You’ve got your wallet, your keys and your mobile. Now you are ready for your big night out! You dont want to be unprepared when you head out, you never know where it could take you or who you might meet. The best nights are usually a bit of a magical mystery tour of houses, […]

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Olympic Pole Dancing: Could We See Some Time Soon?

We’ve known for a while that it took a lot of sweat and artistry to get up there on stage and show off your pole skills. Now it looks like the bods of the Olympic committee agree and we might get Olympic Pole Dancing at the next internationalevent! The International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) has […]

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Where Can You Get VIP Treatment Like A Strip Club

Sometimes you need something more luxurious than your local Whetherspoons. With more elbowroom than your local city centre night club. Some nights you are going to want VIP Treatment and enjoy longer opening hours. Leave the bustle behind, and forget about that late night bag of chips and taxi home. In your local city centre […]

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