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Lap Dancing Clubs in Cambridgeshire

Definitely a place known for learning, Cambridgeshire isn’t just home to the world famous Cambridge University dating back to the middle ages, it’s also host to two other regional Universities (Peterborough and Anglia Ruskin) as well as the Open university HQ and a college (West Anglia). With all that learning going on it’s fair to say they need to blow off some steam and where better than their local strip club.

This region also has more than it’s share of RSBP preserves and RAF bases because of its rural location. It’s bounded by Cambridge on the south and Peterborough in the north with many historic and listed buildings throughout including Ely cathedral, Denny Abbey, Kimbolton castle and Hinchingbrook House amongst others. Inside the ancient city of Cambridge itself there are many stunning university buildings, churches and picturesque sights, much of it dominated by the River Cam which gives it it’s name. It is also a national centre for hi-tech development including software and bio-technology known worldwide!

Cambridgeshire has two strip clubs to call it’s own, one in the county town Cambridge and one in Peterborough the other main population centre. Angels Peterborough which is part of a chain and Talk Of The Town Lapdance Club off Newmarket Street in the centre of Cambridge!

Considering the number of people who pass through the region (students, servicemen, workers) it’s surprising to many that there aren’t more venues, it has one of the lowest club counts in England at just two. But if you look at individual councils and the reasons they often reject club license applications (close to church, close to landmarks etc) the region is lucky to have any! Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there will be any more opening any time soon, but UK Strip Clubs is the place to keep up to date about it.

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