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Perched right on the north west of England and with one of the lowest population densities in the whole of the UK, Cumbria isn’t the first place you think of for a memorable night out when you have the rest of the country to consider, it is mostly rural containing the Lake districts and other country parks. It’s boundaries are mostly coast line and and the border with Scotland.

It has less than half a million inhabitants which is less than half of the average for England. So it’s fair to say that unless you are a local or pass through on your way across the border you probably wont stop by for the nightlife. However, it does have one club Laptastic (what a name!) which is well worth a look if you are anywhere near Workington.

Sometimes a lack of clubs can be blamed on councils cracking down on new venues and renewals but sometimes an area can’t justify one opening in terms of punters coming in the door, passing custom and stag/hen night parties travelling there specially. It looks like this is the case for Cumbria even if the place has a lot going for it!

Sights there including Hadrian’s Wall, The Lakes and Carlisle Castle. Its also home to Sellafield nuclear power station and an extensive Heinz (bake bean) factory although UK Strip Clubs don’t think this has anything to do with the lack of clubs!

Its major towns are Carlisle, Barrow-in-Furness and Kendal, Penrith. It’s usually the last stop before you go over the border, unless you take a trip to Gretna Green the famous lovers marriage spot and then it really will be the last stop!!

Stock up on Kendal mint cake, get hitched, visit the home of Bronte country in the picturesque Lake District!

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