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Lap Dancing Clubs in Durham

Durham in the north east of England, is the only county in the UK usually and traditionally prefixed by County (ie County Durham) to distinguish it from the city of Durham which is in it’s boundaries. Famed for it’s cathedral and castle making it a popular tourist destination with UNESCO accreditation. Durham cathedral is one of the most popular tourist sights in the UK outside London and one of the largest man made spaces in the UK to this day.

The economy is driven by energy production, farming, mining and shipbuilding in particular, although it is more known for the service and building sectors in recent years since these industries declined.

Main towns include Hartlepool, Darlington, Consett, Redcar and Stockton-On-Tees as well as Durham of course. There only are three clubs, and they are fairly spread out: one in Redcar, one in Hartlepool and the last in Consett. Three clubs that are part of nightlife of the place, but well worth a look if you are in town or driving around the county!

Mostly rural it is half dales and countryside with some coast along the east coast by the Heritage Coast although there are no main towns along the coastline.

It was settled by the Romans and conquered occasionally by the Scots, it has five castles, Roman forts and various other abbeys and items of outstanding industrial revolution architecture. It has seen many boundary changes down the years, once having surrounding cities like Middlesbrough in its boundaries.

So don’t expect any massive night life centres or the sunset strip, just good honest welcomes and plenty of local beer. If any further venues are opened in Durham (or County Durham) UK Strip Clubs will be sure to keep you informed, it’s obvious that the region could use one or two more.

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