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Lap Dancing Clubs in East Sussex

East Sussex is a classic English mixture of history and the future, home to Hastings which as every school kid knows was where we lost to the Normans in (10)66 and Brighton which has just about the most vibrant nightlife on the south coast. Whether you are coming for historic sites and the stunning countryside, or a crazy night out at one of four strip clubs spread along the coast there’s no place like it! Always something to do and experience in East Sussex.

Other towns in the region include Rye, Lewes, Eastbourne and Hove (as in Brighton And Hove Albion). Take a very picturesque train ride right along the coast between cities and do them all!

The place has many regions of outstanding natural beauty including the South Downs, Wealds and other national parkland areas away from the coast!

Soak up some sun on Brighton beach, catch one of the many open concerts held on the beach such as Fatboy Slim in the 2000’s which attracted around 250 thousand people, and visit one of their three amazing strip and lap dancing venues. Grace of Brighton, Platinum Lace and The Pussycat Club. It’s very well represented in terms of bars and front restaurants, there is loads to do and see all year round.

The remaining venue in East Sussex is along the coast in Prospect Place, Hastings!

Perfect weather and perfect beaches not forgetting about a sensational south coast welcome. No tour of England or the south would be complete without a visit!

The area easily supports four venues, while there aren’t any plans to add more in the works if the local press is anything to go by UK Strip Clubs will always keep you up to date on new clubs of all kinds including lap dancing, strip pubs and gentleman’s clubs.

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