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Lap Dancing Clubs in Essex

Just over the Thames estuary from the capital, Essex has always had a personality of its own. And Essex boy (and girl) dont always want to travel to London for some nightlife, and with a sizeable nine clubs within the region they wont have to! Main towns Chelmsford, Colchester, Purfleet, Braintree have a single venue listed currently on UK Strip Clubs whereas Southend On Sea has three and Basildon has two.

The area is a historic kingdom (home of kings) and has England’s oldest town Colchester and other traditional towns like Southend and Chelmsford and many new towns including Basildon and Harlow making it one of the most populous commuter areas around London. Colchester in fact is a Roman name meaning fortified settlement or colony.

It has one of the biggest populations for a region in the UK, especially high as it doesn’t have a single city in it, over 1.7 million people live there currently based mainly in Chelmsford, Basildon and Southsea.

It’s not all about the town centres, Essex also contains Canvey Island which was reclaimed from the sea, and seaside resorts Clackton and Southend, popular resorts for people living all around the UK. It is also home to Stansted international airport which serves London and destinations worldwide.

Just don’t believe all those jokes you can find about Essex Girl, or indeed Essex Boy! The place has got it going on. If you go there, make sure you stop off at Katz, Sunset Exotic Dance Bar or Tenshi for a few hours! While it’s not the West End of London, it’s kind of like Ibiza-On-Sea with a special kind of ambience that no other region can offer. The best night of your life, with some amazing Essex Girls (no joke intended!) is just a short trip up the M11 or M25!

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