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The biggest island off the UK coast, the Isle of Wight is just off Hampshire. Easily accessible by hovercraft from Portsmouth it has over 130,000 inhabitants. Making it one of the least populated in the UK.  

It is best known as home of the Cowes yachting festival which is held every summers and attracts the biggest community of all kinds of boats anywhere (over eight thousand every year) for racing, shopping and drinking. Its also known for the Isle Of Wight music music festival which was Britain’s answer to Woodstock and huge open air concerts in the US, the first festival was in the late 1960’s but was revived in 2002. It has seen famous sets from The Who, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and the very last appearance of American guitarist Jimi Hendrix who died soon after of an accidental drugs overdose a few weeks later. The highest attendance was around 600,000 in 1970 where there were riots outside and fences torn down and ticketing had to be abandoned.

It has its own dialect and culture and is a popular holiday destination for anyone who loves in Hampshire and the south coast. With great weather and sunshine hours it’s a known for water sports, motor sports and other activities.

The area has three breweries and has major farming and ship building industries including Vesta engines who are the single largest employers in the region.

Famous residents are David Icke, Bear Grylls, David Niven, Dame Elle MacArthur and Jeremy Irons among others.

It current doesn’t have any strip clubs, although it has seen events at Cowes Week event pubs in the past. If this timeless holiday venue adds any UK Strip Clubs will let you know so check up regularly for updates on where to catch some adult entertainment.

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