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Lap Dancing Clubs in Lancashire

Lancashire doesnt just have the ‘Vegas Of The North’ but it was the heartland of the industrial revolution making 85% of the worlds cotton in the 19th century. Blackpool must be the UK’s most famous seaside resort with endless bars, restaurants, theme rides and four strip clubs along the front! A party town if there ever was one, if you love the bright lights this is the town for you!

Major towns further inland include Bolton, Wigan, Burnley, Preston and Lancaster. The area has 13 clubs which is one of the highest in the UK, only London, Manchester, the West Midlands and West Yorkshire have more!

Outside Blackpool, Wigan and Preston both have two clubs each. Bolton, Bury, Accrington and Burnley all have just one. You don’t have to travel all the way to Blackpool for some nightlife then!

The economy of the region has traditionally been the home of heavy industry, building and brewing it is now know for the home of Crown paints, finance, business outsourcing and technology.

Don’t just run straight up the M6 from Manchester to the border, there’s plenty to see in Lancs!

Lancashire was one side of the War Of Roses, the other being its medieval rival York. The red rose of Lancs against the white one of the house of York. Won of course by York in 1487 At Boswell Field!

A varied coastline packed with scenic and historic towns, as well as bigger industrial towns like Preston, Wigan, Burnley and Bolton. Two country parks (Forest Of Bowland, Arnside and Silverwell) make it a stunning place to visit!

It’s not all flat caps, Rugby League and whippets, there’s plenty of bright lights, especially in Blackpool the hub of nightlife in the region and of the whole UK. Twelve quality venues will have you coming back again and again!

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