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Lap Dancing Clubs in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire takes up most of the east Midlands of England, bounded by Nottinghamshire to the west, East Riding Of York’s to the north and Cambridgeshire to the south. It has the second largest land area of all regions but only an average population of just over a million people which makes it one of the least populated over all.

The main towns are Lincoln (2 clubs) and Boston (one club), seaside holiday resort Skegness (one club) and Grantham (one club).

The Lincs economy is growing (pardon the pun!) with massive areas of fields growing various food crops such as Barley and beets. It also has an industrial past, Richard Hornsby & Sons of Grantham and engineers Fosters Of Lincoln are world famous pioneers in motors and transport known to this day!

The majority of tourism in the area is based along the coast in traditional resort towns like Skegness (lovely beach and pier, weather permitting) as well as a Butlins camp and the scenic Wolds country park just inland. There is also a bird reserve on the south called The Wash which is home to many rare species and it attracts tourists and ramblers year round to it’s miles of marshes and trails.

Famous people from Lincs include physicist Isaac Newton, founding father of USA Thomas Paine, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (born in Grantham), 80’s strong man Geoff Capes, pro golfer Tony Jacklin, poet Lord Alfred Tennyson and Elton John’s long time song writing collaborator Bernie Taupin!

Maybe because of the lack of people it has a heavy concentration of RAF bases, giving work to the local communities. They include: RAF Coningsby and RAF Waddington.

There are five clubs, fairly spread out but thriving. If you are passing by or have a summertime domestic holiday planned then why not get down to Lincolnshire?

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