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Lap Dancing Clubs in Manchester

No matter what you call it Manchester, Greater Manchester, (and going back) Lancashire its one of the celebrated party capitals of the UK. From Madchester to the major regeneration of the city in recent years it’s not short of one-off bars, restaurants and hang outs. The city and surrounding areas love to party and you can tell with twelve clubs in the catchment area. Few streets in the UK are as well off as Deansgate with three venues, with many more just a short walk away.

The new look Manchester has all kinds of adult entertainment venue within the city centre, designer shopping and many bars and two massive football clubs! Its the home of The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, not forgetting about The Buzzcocks and The Joy Division! Music, football and nightlife-there can’t be many cities with a recent history with such a lad friendly legacy. Forget whippets and flat caps, the north always has something new to offer when its party time.

Oldham and Wilmslow also have venues making this area hot for strip club goers!

If you’re in Manchester city centre and you need directions or you want to arrange a trip for a larger group use the contact details provided at UK Strip Clubs, you can search ‘on the hoof’ or use the phone number provided to make sure your destination will be ready for you when you arrive. Your mobile has never be more handy than securing yourself some discounts or freebies from the next club you hit!

Go Supersonic with a gin and tonic! Step On for some fun and Definitely Maybe you’ll have loads of fun in Manchester. Hallelujah!

12 great clubs in such a small area, less of a list more of a challenge! Visit them all and rate them on our system.

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