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Lap Dancing Clubs in Newcastle

It might be hidden away on the north east corner of England, but this corner of Tyne and Wear is as everyone knows, a revellers dream. There’s loads of pubs and clubs, especially in Newcastle city centre which ranks as a major destination for people from all over the UK including hundreds of stag nights that choose the city above all others in the UK and Ireland.

The home of Viz magazine and Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne has five clubs in the city boundaries, including the only For Your Eyes Only outside London!

If you fancy the bright lights of Geordie land you might want to take a short journey there to see this city like no other. The atmosphere in them has to be seen to believed!

Work hard, play hard. That’s the way it goes up north. Geordies love a night out, a bottle of Newcastle Brown and football of course! They also love strip clubs and you can soak up the action in one of their sensational venues! Northern lasses will dance for you into the early hours! You will never forget your trip to the party zone of the far north east!

It’s easy to get to by A1 motorway, or by train down the coast. Even by ferry from overseas. Why not stop off there if you are getting a ferry to the continent?

There are five very different venues in the city centre of this very special town. Expect an amazing northern welcome and the unrivalled nightlife to get you in the mood before you even step inside your choice of club! Newcastle’s got it going on for anyone who loves this kind of entertainment and wants to see somewhere new.

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