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Lap Dancing Clubs in Northamptonshire

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Northamptonshire, also known as Northants, isn’t actually very far north. Sometimes know as the ‘South Midlands’ it’s half way between London and Birmingham and it’s genuine ‘middle England’ territory on any map! The biggest towns include Northampton, Kettering, Corby and Wellingborough, but it’s only Northampton and Kettering that have strip clubs, having two each at the current time. The remaining club in the region is in the smaller town of Rugby, which as you can guess is the proud to be the birthplace of the sport of the same name.

None of the other towns have a strip venue at this time, meaning there are only five in the whole area which is a low club count.

The main industries in the area include (traditionally) shoe and boot making, of which only the Dr Martens boots factory is left, and services and of course, plus motor sport. It’s the home of the Silverstone F1 racing circuit (home of the British Grand Prix off and on since 1948, permanently since 1987) and two other minor raceways. They bring over two million sports fans to the area from around the world and over a hundred million into the local economy each year. The area round about is known as Motorsport Valley for it’s links to all kinds of racing, engineering and development HQ’s.

If you love fast entertainment and you’re near Northamptonshire try one of their clubs, there aren’t loads of choose from but they offer you a quality evening out in Northampton, Kettering and Rugby.

If more venues are added, or there are alternations to current listings, you will be the first to know. Keep up to date with news and updates on UK Strip Clubs by reading blogs, Twitters and checking listings near you. It’s all provided free for strip fans and anyone planning a lads night or stag night anywhere in the UK.

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