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Lap Dancing Clubs in Oxfordshire

Bounded by Banbury in the north and Henley in the south, The River Thames runs down the centre of Oxfordshire through it’s only city, Oxford.

Known as a centre for education Oxfordshire actually has several universities and colleges within the city limits, there are campuses for not only The University Of Oxford but Ruskin College and Oxford Brookes University and others. Apart from Oxford, it’s pretty leafy and many of the towns are based of the River Henley making it some of the desirable property in the UK.

Outside the City Of Oxford there’s not that much nightlife. The main (other) towns are Banbury, Abingdon, Bicester, Kidlington. There are only four strip clubs in the whole region making it one of the lowest totals in the UK. Henley-On-Thames, Oxford, Bicester and Banbury have one club each but it’s fair to say there wont be a giant explosion of new clubs in Oxfordshire any time soon with the licensing laws currently in place. Henley is home to Mayor of London Boris Johnson, UK Strip Clubs doesn’t know if Boris ventures down to Diamonds and Pearls on Greys Road on his bike, but it’s a nice idea.

Big employers in Oxfordshire include education obviously, publishing, brewing (there are nine breweries in the area) and car production. It still produces the iconic Mini although the company is owned by BMW, and Morris Motors which has shut down, who produced the less than iconic Morris Minor!

Known across the world as one of the first university towns along with Cambridge it forms the Oxbridge axis, Oxford is definitely worth a look with it’s ancient buildings, museums (including the Ashmolean Museum),  Blenheim Palace, Cotswold Wildlife Park etc. Its not far from London up the M4, just above Berks and Bucks. It’s day trip distance from the capital.

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