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Lap Dancing Clubs in Somerset

You could be seeing one of the worlds biggest bands at this summers Glastonbury music festival like the Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, The Who and Neil Young, or having fun at Butlins Minehead (which also has an indie music festival!), soaking up some sun at traditional seaside resort Weston-super-Mare or trekking through one of Somerset’s nature reserves.

The place has a few of the most famous holiday resorts in the country, Bath known for its waters and dating back to Roman times, upscale Weston-super-Mare further south on the coast and in more recent years Butlins have a camp at Minehead on the coast next to Exmoor National Park.

The area also contains the Mendips which are hills beloved by walkers and of outstanding beauty to the north and the Quantock Hills in the centre.

Of interest to most strip fans will be the many breweries in the area, particularly in Taunton, brewing traditional English ales and beers of which there are hundreds. You can buy them in most local pubs or go an a tour of breweries in the region for the ultimate ale lovers day trip! Cider is also another big seller, the massive Blackthorn Cider factory is in the area.

Somerset is also home to the town of Cheddar which is the where the famous cheese which is the worlds second most popular kind, making over £1.9 million per year!

Few counties in England can offer so much tasty food, drink and entertainment, when the summer time comes around it’s one of the places to be! Bath, Glastonbury and other towns have regular festivals and events which attract many tourists. Surfers will find great beaches and when the weather is fine, excellent conditions for big waves.

The region has two venues, both in Weston-super-Mare. If any more are added you can check them out at UK Strip Clubs.

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