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Lap Dancing Clubs in West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire is one of the most populous regions in the UK, especially in the North. Made up of lots of industrial towns like Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax and Keighley it has over 2 million inhabitants. Maybe that’s why it has so many strip clubs to choose from! There are 12 in total which is third most in the UK after London and the West Midlands. Huddersfield has a whopping five clubs, Leeds has a fab four and the remaining ones are in Wakefield, Halifax and Bradford. The best known are probably The Purple Door in Leeds and Club La Salsa who have venues in Huddersfield and Halifax.

The region was known for heavy industry in the past including wool mills and open cast mining in industrial times but in recent times its more known as the home of several big supermarket chains ASDA and Morrisons who have HQ and distribution centres in the county and budget store Netto who have their UK HQ there. Other larger current employers are various insurance firms, banks and call centres.

Apart from Leeds there aren’t any larger cities but it’s many towns create conurbations across the whole county, the only national park area is part of the Peak Districts in the south west.

Huddersfield must be the only town in the UK to have an adult cinema with striptease with girls dancing two nights a week as well as varied action on the big screen. The Empire Cinema Club is a great idea, wonder why it hasn’t taken off up and down the country?

The area has several senior football teams including Leeds United, Huddersfield Town and Bradford City, with Leeds being by far the most successful in two periods (early 1970’s and 1990’s). West Yorkshire is the heartland of rugby league with major teams being Castleford Tigers and Halifax.

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