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Lap Dancing Clubs in Wiltshire

Wiltshire is centre of the south of England, but not actually on the south coast. Known as the part of the ‘M4 Corridor’ it links London (via Berks) with Bristol, the west coast and Wales. The most populous (and only) city is Swindon in the north but probably the most famous locations are the stone age circle at Stonehenge and medieval market town of Salisbury in the south on the River Avon.  Stonehenge is a unique tourist attraction consisting of a giant ceremonial stones, it brings more sightseers than any other place in the UK outside London. Salisbury cathedral dates back to the middle ages, the 12th century and has a 400+ foot spire. It houses the best extant copy of the Magna Carta.

Because of it’s handy location it’s home to quite a few corporations and regional HQ’s including Dyson, Intel, Honda, WH Smith and Early Learning Centre. It is also known for banking, manufacturing and several army and RAF bases.

Swindon has almost half of the county’s population at 200k, it has the Honda car plant, Vickers airplane engine factory and it even makes the new Mini cars for BMW. They have a League One football team in Swindon Town.

The area around the M4 motorway in the north is mainly urban around Swindon and Chippenham while the south has the historic and UNSECO areas, Stonehenge, Salisbury and Cranborne Chase a extensive National Park area on the Salisbury Plain.

There’s only two strip clubs in Wiltshire and it’s no surprise that two of them are in Swindon, namely Foxies and Dream Lounge. The others are in Westbury and Pewsey. With all that passing traffic and prestigious employers you might expect there to be more, but licensing is more about the powers that be than demand. Find out first about new venues at UK Strip Clubs!

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