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Everyone knows that Dublin is one of most popular stag and party destinations around. Nearer than Amsterdam or Prague (and further away than London and Blackpool!) it’s just a short jump over the sea by budget airline or ferry and it has hundreds of bars, restaurants and clubs. It’s also strip central, with sixteen different clubs within the city limits which is higher (per capita) than anywhere in the UK! Elsewhere there are ten other venues, it seems like wherever you go on the Emerald Isle you will find amazing strip entertainment!

Go for fun, some real  tap Guinness or just the craic! There can be few more exciting, varied and welcoming towns and countries.

That’s why UK Strip Clubs decided to add our Ireland section back in 2010, the popularity of the area for people coming from the UK and the sheer number of clubs there made it a shoe-in for inclusion. There are 26 clubs, not just in Dublin but Cork, Waterford and Galway, up and down the country. The bright lights on the capital to a local hangout that just happens to have strip licensed strip and lap dancing entertainment.

Whether you are coming all the way from the UK, down from the north or you’re a local it’s best to find out about what’s available before you travel. UK Strip Clubs gives you address details (minus postcodes on most listings because Ireland doesn’t believe in them!), contact details, opening hours and all kinds of prices and club rules etc. Everything you need to plan your evening in fact!Strip Clubs in Ireland

Irish Hospitality

Strip clubs in every country tend to be different and you cant exactly call yourself a strip aficionado if you haven’t sampled the playful, friendly atmosphere of Ireland. Its not far away, perfect for a stag, weekend getaway or as part of a tour of the island, north and south.

Further than a taxi to your local place, but well worth the trip. So change some Euros and book your holiday to this party capital that is always packed with new surprises and new experiences.

UK Strip Clubs lists every venue on the other side of the water, travel information and most importantly what to expect when you get there.

Clubs like Angels, Lapetite and Garden Of Eden are just a few of the popular venues you could be missing out on if you don’t explore this city/country! Such a concentrated area of nightlife should be on any dedicated strip fans list of places to visit.

Locals to any of the clubs can find the details they need to get in touch, the same as UK clubs. Phone ahead and make sure you and your party will be welcome and try and wangle discounts including free entry, drinks and even dances!

Definitely worth a trip, no matter where you come from. There’s plenty of clubs to check out and other bars and sights to see. Makes you wonder why you have never been before. Combine with budget flights and a off peak hotel and you have an affordable holiday with some late night strip fun at a club(s) of your choice! You wont have far to go once you get there because there are quite a few to choose from.

As an evening out, a stag, hen, holiday or just seeing how strip clubs are overseas, it’s a unique place to visit all year round. Bustling cobble streets of historic Dublin or further out in the countryside in the counties where you will find the people as welcoming as the place.

Now is the time if you’ve never been, an hour and you could be there!

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