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Lap Dancing Clubs in Co Dublin

Co Dublin is perfectly placed on the east facing the UK for a trip on the ferry (or by plane to Dublin Airport), it’s just a quick jump over the Irish Sea from Liverpool in particular. It has over 1.2 million inhabitants and is the most built up region of Ireland having about a quarter of the total population in a small geographical area. It is one of the smallest regions in Ireland by size.

There are sixteen strip clubs in the city limits making it the most in the Emerald Isle (obviously) but comparable to Birmingham and even London in terms of strip night life! The laws up north in Northern Ireland (there’s no clubs at all!) make it a haven for the industry over the water. The pick of the venues are Angels, Club Lapello The Barclay Club, all in the very compact city centre.

The town is based around the River Liffy and Dublin Bay, there are hundreds of bars and restaurants. Its picturesque and historic with a castle, two universities, literary tours and the original Guinness Brewery which is always worth a visit.

It was named by the Vikings, in the 9th century, probably Norwegian, who made it a base for raiding the rest of the UK and further afield. The name actually means ‘black pool’, Blackpool in England is actually just across the Irish Sea.

Co Dublin is the thriving heart of Ireland, if you visit one city in the Republic then it’s probably going to be this one. A friendly welcome and unlimited night life will be just the start of your memorable trip! Start your night at a bar or two and enjoy a couple of Guinness before venturing  down to Dame Street and Ha’penny Bridge for some quality strip entertainment at the end of the night.

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