UK Strip Clubs

Lap Dancing Clubs in Northern Ireland

Looks like Northern Ireland doesn’t have any venues at the present time! UK Strip Clubs lists all the venues around the UK and Ireland that have a license for adult entertainment whether it be 7 nights a week or a few hours a month, however not all regions and cities on the UK have clubs either because there’s no demand or because local councils have cracked down on them. The new SEV license system makes it harder for new venues to open and unfortunately easier for them to be closed.

The whole system isn’t very democratic, relying as it does on advice from smaller pressure groups and reacting to individuals who are already against the industry in general. But until things change strip punters, or stag nights in Belfast for that matter, will need to venture down south to Dublin for strip entertainment or stay in the UK.

Its a shame, with the regeneration of NI it could have made it into a real party zone! Being packed with quality new bars and restaurants it’s top of the list on most men’s list of where to go.Strip Clubs in Northern Ireland

The powers that be have denied the industry a chance to show what they are really about, maybe reading and believing everything they hear in the media. It’s the same old story!

Belfast in particular is crying out for a few clubs, there’s a population of nearly two million in Northern Ireland crying out for some entertainment when the sun goes down.

When the region changes it’s legislation on strip clubs and lap dancing we will be the first to let you know, however it doesn’t look like anything is going to change in the near future. It’s not going to be easy for the first club to break down the blanket ban on clubs, even though the rest of the UK is OK with it.

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