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They know how to make you feel at home up north, Scotland might not have as many venues as their English cousins but it’s about quality not quantity where adult entertainment is concerned. One club at a time after all! Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as Aberdeen are centres for nightlife and strip clubs. Not leaving out Dundee of course!

For an amazing night out that’s all about you (unless you take your partner along!) use UK Strip Clubs to find Scottish strip clubs and lap dancing from the far north to the central belt. The site list’s every venue including Diamond Dolls, Private Eyes and Platinum to name just a few. Use it to book ahead, save money and get red carpet treatment for your party.

Don’t know where to head? Find ratings for each club given by punters just like you from one to five, five being the best night of your life, and one being a waste of time. Many clubs want to know about big parties and special requirements, all the contact details are there so can do the job properly before you step outside your front door.

Making the best of the long summer evenings or braving the winter rain and wind it pays to investigate the best clubs before you pay for taxis or get on any trains. There’s no other website in the UK which lists every club in this way! It could add up to free drinks, dances and even free entry! The bigger the party the more you could save!Strip Clubs in Scotland

Visiting Scotland

Coming up north for a stag, hen, football or rugby game? See what nightlife you can expect in cities like the capital Edinburgh, bustling Glasgow, oil town Aberdeen and wee Dundee. You can see what clubs are open, see prices, book seating and usually negotiate yourself a deal on admission and personalised entertainment. Want to embarrass your mate or  create a bit of a legend for your stag? This is how you to make it happen-he wont even know what hit him!

Scots or visitors can find every venue listed in every town. Hospitality comes as standard but you might want to check your party will be accommodated in full on the night of your visit. Saves waiting in queues and squeezing into whatever seats are left on busy nights.

And all for free, just use the email and phone numbers to get in touch with clubs!

It’s a great way to give your stag night, lads night, couple time or after hours pint, an extra edge!

UK Strip Clubs keeps up with the ups and downs of Scots ‘SEV’ legislation, clubs opening and closing and having hassle with renewing licenses. Stay up to date about whats happening in the Scots industry, join our Twitter and read our blogs to hear it first.

From the famous Edinburgh ‘triangle’ to Glasgow city centre and beyond you can find every club in up north with an adult license, listed and rated and there when you need them. You haven’t planned your epic strip club night out until you’ve checked up on the best strip entertainment in town.

It might ruin your big night if you don’t. It could cost you a cab trip to nowhere and mean waiting in a big queue in the rain. All for the sake of a bit of forward thinking!

Our listings are free, updated constantly and cover all kinds of venue north of the border. Strip clubs, lap dancing, strip pubs and any other venue that pops up.

Get all kinds of freebies and deals not forgetting about VIP treatment for your party.

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