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The ancient capital of Scotland, Dunfermline in Fife, is one of Scotland’s gems! Just above the central belt and just over the Forth from Edinburgh it has a historic Abbey in the centre of town, gardens, many stunning municipal parks and even a heritage mansion house called Pittencrieff House for visitors. 

The place has links to the textile industry since the industrial revolution and it’s packed with history dating back more than a thousand years to the time of the clans. It has produced several rock stars such as members of Jethro Tull, Nazareth and Big Country as well as writer Iain Banks and Prime Minister Gordon Brown was an MP there for years. It’s also has third tier football team, Dunfermline FC who suffered a bankruptcy and are in the process of building themselves back up and moving up the leagues.

While Dunfermline doesn’t currently have a strip club to call its own since the Private Eyes venue there shut a few years ago, it is a short and very picturesque journey of the Forth Road Bridge to the capital which is strip central! If this changes we are the best place to find out about  it! UK Strip Clubs constantly updates it’s listings with new venues, in addition to to Twitter and our blog which features industry news.

This stunning nook of Scotland is near the capital, Dundee, Perth and St Andrews making in pretty central for the best that the central belt has to offer. If it get’s it’s own strip club in the months to come, UK Strip Clubs will be the first place you will find this out. We add new clubs all the time and have great connections to clubs that make it the only full strip and lap dancing directory in the UK.

Worth a trip though, even if Fife doesn’t have any clubs.

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