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Right in the centre of the central belt of Scotland and lying just a few miles outside of the city boundaries to the north east of Glasgow, North Lanarkshire is the power that drives the city! Commuter towns (new and old) that provide the workforce for Glasgow include Cumbernauld and Airdrie as well as traditional heavy industry centres in Motherwell and Bellshill such as steel working, mining and other industries.

Lanarkshire was the cradle of the industrial revolution in Scotland with many linen mills (now mill museums) that attract many visitors of all ages. You can still walk around one of the original cotton mills that kicked off the 19th century boom.

Excellent travel links of the metropolis which is less than an hour away by bus or train.

North Lanarkshire has plenty of nightlife of it’s own though, even if it is quite spread out over town centres and estates of the individual towns and villages. But it does have its own strip club. The little town of Coltness will never be the same again! A unique venue by any standards!

Maybe one day there will be more to come, especially in the bigger towns like the biggest, new town Cumbernauld or old towns Coatbridge, Airdrie or Motherwell. UK Strip Clubs will keep you up to date on any developments, join us on Twitter and keep reading our weekly blogs-its easier than check all of the listings all the time.

Where there’s one club there could be more, it doesn’t look like the council has a problem with stripping and lap dancing in the region. Not all strip fans will want to travel all the way to Glasgow for a night out on the train. Time will tell!

For now you will need to make the trip to Glasgow or nearer to home Coltness.

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