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The southernmost part of Wales, roughly parallel with London and Reading, Vale of Glamorgan lies between Bridgend in the west and Cardiff in the east. It’s on the Bristol Channel opposite Weston-Super-Mare and Bridgewater on the English side.

There aren’t any cities in the Vale of Glamorgan but the biggest settlement is Barry on the south coast with about 50,000 inhabitants, but this it only has town status.

The biggest other towns are Penarth, St Donats, Cowbridge and Lavernock.

It is known as being the most affluent part of Wales due to the large livestock farms selling prime beef and dairy cattle all across the UK and beyond, as well as premium dairy farms and markets. There are also large chemicals plants which create many jobs in the area including Hexion, Zeon, Ineos, and Dow Corning. Barry Power Station produces energy for the region as well for the whole western part of the UK.

The region actually contains Cardiff Airport even though the city of Cardiff is dozens of miles away to the east, plus the Ministry Of Defence RAF St Athan base which is one of the biggest in the UK.

Blame licensing or the local economy but the county has only one strip club to call its own, not surprising considering the small population of just over 120,000. Rural areas don’t do that well for adult entertainment, especially when they’re not near a seaside report or a major attraction.

You will probably want to head on up to Cardiff or over the water to Bristol for your night’s fun, both places have numerous clubs and more nightlife. As ever, if more venues are added to the UK Strip Clubs listings for Glamorgan you will be the first to know. We do regular Twitters and blogs on new clubs, join us and keep in the loop for free!

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